Decoupled Preview

I am using module in my site and try to access preview API’s by passing UUID as key parameter.

When I edit any published node and changed anything in paragraphs then that changes will not reflect in response.

Any one can help here !!

Note - I am not using next.js

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I don’t know much about this module but the module page specifically states “currently only Next.js is supported”, so that could be the issue.

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Yes I know but I don’t think paragraph has an dependency on any front end stack.

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Hey there! So sorry we missed your question :frowning: Hopefully I can help steer you in the right direction here!

We have a front-end-frameworks Channel our Community Slack where our Product Managers & several engineers are really active. It’s also a great place to connect with other Decoupled customers :slight_smile:

You can join here!

But of course, if you need anything else feel free to mention me!